Batch 1 Orders Announcement!

Hello, these last few months have been very exciting, busy, and sometimes frustrating. But thanks to your words of support, your love, and your interest since I introduced the project, each step I took became easier and more exciting. The moment has come, The MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus is finished, I have designed the complement for MiSTER FPGA that I would like to use myself and keep forever, since that is how it all started, and whoever wants to will have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful system with me in the way that I think is the most elegant, simple, robust, and appealing… plus at a great price!. On Friday, November 5, 2021, orders for the first batch will be opened at 16:00 UTC (GMT), on Wednesday 3rd the the store will be online and linked from this web site so that you can see the pictures, the description, and choose your accessories in advance, but purchasing will only Read more…

Prices, prices a Go-Go!

Hi!, everything is sorted out and here are the prices for everything you will be able to pre-order on launch day, including Antonio Villena’s most stable ever SDRAM module, splitters, and his amazing Decapod to enjoy the full original retro experience on your MiSTer, once you try a “SNAC”, there is no coming back 😉 MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus KIT 149,99€ Optional Add-Ons: 128MB SDRAM module 39,99€ DB9 to USB3.0 shaped User Port adapter 5,00€ DB9 Extension cable (0,5m) 9,99€ SNAC Splitter SNES 10,99€ SNAC Splitter MD/Genesis 12,99€ SNAC Splitter Neo-Geo/DB15 12,99€ SNAC Splitter NES 10,99€ SNAC Splitter PCE/TGFX 12,99€ RGB to Composite/S-Video converter 35,00€ Decapod with case (replaces all SNAC splitters) 79,99€ All prices are final, the DE10-Nano is not included and cannot be purchased from me… yet, prices of accessories are ONLY valid when bundled with the Mini-ITX Ironclad as a promotion, shipping is not included. All SNAC splitters support 2 simultaneous players. The DB9 extension cable is Read more…

MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Accessories availability

Great news for all; we made an agreement with Antonio Villena to offer some of his amazing MiSTer FPGA accessories bundled with your Mini-ITX Ironclad order at a special price, that is great because that way, if you are entering the MiSTer FPGA world right now, you will not have to source parts from various places while saving in shipping costs, nice isn’t it? We will be offering the top quality 4C 128MB SDRAM module, it works so good i am in love with it, various adapters for the SNAC port to use your original retro console controllers, the VGA to S-VIDEO/composite converter, and others. Expect pricing of everything in a couple of days!. Have retro-fun!

UPDATED: Enhancements, and last minute changes

As you may have noticed in the headline image, the beautiful black glass fiber backplate has a “small” change. My friends testing the Ironclad have been play… erm… working hard to ensure it fully delivers, and they found out that while the output of the Ironclad is consistent, there were a lot of inconsistencies and differently made MDII cables out there with different electronics inside, and that was affecting image brightness in some of their CRTs while in others there was no difference no matter the electronics inside the cable, which has been my case. This can be fixed by bridging some resistors inside the scart side of the MDII cable, but that’s not what i call user friendly. I cannot level the analog video out signal of the MiSTer for very differently made MDII/Genesis cables, as they can be too different one from another, and expect consistent video output levels from all of them, so i took a drastic Read more…

The MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus

Hi, i just finished the Mini-ITX Ironclad section, there you will find all features, pictures and updates about this project. I am sure i have forgotten some small feature and that I will be adding more or changing some pictures, so i will be editing it in the next days Enjoy!

Website is up and running!

Welcome everybody!, after a massive problem on the announce day, which caused me to delete the website i had and start all over again using a different, non-crappy, front-end, here we go!, I will keep this website as simple as i can, just the info about my projects and a future link to the shop, there will be also a future link to a downloads section where you will be able to get the manuals and other resources you might need. I hope you like my projects, they are designed with all the passion and love i have for all the retro-gaming community. See you soon!