Hi everybody!, it has been a very busy summer but Batch 3 is almost completely shipped, only a small number of orders remain, but they will all be shipped this week. Batch 4 is in production and will start shipping before the end of September, about the advertised date this time. I will do everything i can to have it shipped asap and keep you posted at the front page, meanwhile i managed to reserve all the parts and arrange my place at the factory to manufacture another batch.

The new batch, the 5th (I thought about another name this time, like “Batch 360” but, oh well…) will start shipping in December 2022 and everything remains the same, as i still cannot produce them fast enough to meet the demand and have stock available for immediate shipping, thanks to you ;). I have updated some sections of the web and pictures to reflect the small cosmetic changes and some features added, they had been implemented long ago and people are already enjoying them, but had no time to update the web ¬_¬ There’s still some work to do though to have all updated.

As you know, US Dollars are now more expensive then ever for us, European asses, and i use Euros to buy the parts which are 90% of them priced in Dollars, so more Euros are needed now to buy the same stuff in Dollars than it was a couple of months ago. Then there is inflation… I like to have low prices, so more people can enjoy my designs and spread the word, but this time i had to give up and increase the price a little bit, only 5€, to make it worthy. Anyway, even with this small increase the Ironclad Plus is now 15% cheaper for you, USA friends, than it was before the summer everything thanks to the magic of money exchange! 😉

And finally there are news about the Mt32-Pi kit for previous purchasers of the Ironclad Plus, a big box full of them is coming right now to my house, I expect to have them available directly for order and shipping before the end of this month, I will put a separate item at the shop for it with the “Let me know when available” button in a couple of days so you can subscribe and be warned. As i said before, there is no reserve or pre-order for this item, they will be shipped after purchase.

And that’s it for now, time to go back to my cave to do some packages, i hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing era for the retro-games we are living in!

I love you all!


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