Hello all!, as I said in the announcement, the MT32-Pi Hat shown at that moment was not the final design, and i am here today to show you how it looks like and explain why this is much better than before. As you see it is a full redesign:

The main advantage resides in that it does not increase the total height of the Ironclad Plus with the DE10-nano + RAM mounted, it sits even lower, so it should not interfere with cases that use an HDD/SSD holder in the top cover, it allows easy access to the Pi MicroSD, also holds the Raspberry-Pi better than the preview model. It is very firmly held and durable, and that’s the main philosophy of the MiSTer Ironclad Plus; make your MiSTer build last “forever”.

This final model of the Mt32-Pi Hat is the one every past or future purchaser will receive. It will also be available as a separate item from the shop for previous purchasers at a later date after the summer.

Batches Progress:

Batch 4 is still on sale, but only very few units left before going completely sold out, you can still get yours HERE

With Batches 1 and 2 fully shipped, building and shipping of the 3rd is going strong and progressing. At the start of a Batch i produce every bridge, every add-on, and every accessory of that batch to have them ready to include in each package. This helps going faster as i don’t have to switch tools and reorganise the working environment more times than necessary losing time in the process, then the Ironclads are assembled in small sub-batches, packaged with all bridges, add-ons, etc, and shipped all once a week (sometimes more). That’s why it seems the batch is not being shipped at first… and then it skyrockets.

At this date it is obvious that the July date will not be met, so expect shipments to take August also. Check the front page to see how it is progressing. Thank you so much for your patience, be sure that nobody will be left behind, all orders are been treated equally, well organised, and are guaranteed to be shipped. Also, by the feedback i am receiving, I am pretty confident that you will be very pleased with the Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus, and the wait will be worthwhile 😉

Time to get to work, Enjoy the summer!

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