This has been an experience like I have never had before, so much support and encouragement is something that marks you in life. Every “like”, every message, every e-mail counts. And that is why I say thanks to all of you, because without you, this would not have been possible.

The MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus was sold out on Sunday at around 14:00 UTC, this means it only lasted less than 48 hours, and that is something i would have never imagined!

I consider myself a humble person, and I would not feel comfortable talking about sales figures to brag or whatever, knowing that 150 of you will get the MiSTer build of our dreams in this first batch is enough reward to me 🙂

This starts here!, i will work hard to ship your packages as soon as posible, and then people who couldn’t get one this time will have a new chance as soon as possible

I will keep you posted!

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