Hello everybody!, it has been a crazy November, a huge mountain of work thanks to your support and love, you know… ;p That let me without much time to update social networks and other tasks, i think i have been answering all the e-mails and questions, if not, please ask again as i may have overlooked your message and it got buried, sorry if that was your case.

The thing is that while waiting for some parts to come i had some time to further testing the Mini-ITX Ironclad, play with it, and see it through the eyes of the retro-gamer, what does he want and what doesn’t, This is beautiful, robust, works flawlessly, and integrates perfectly with my setup and the living room, but, is there something that can be improved that increases my retro-gamer quality of life?. Then i realized i was tired of getting up/down the couch to power on/off the MiSTer, playing with the multi-function case buttons implementation, and all the stuff, so I thought to myself; It would be great if I could control the Ironclad without getting up, right?… Right?!?!…

Infrared remote support for your Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus is here for EVERYONE!

Then that’s what I did, now the Ironclad also supports remote control for the functions of Power up/down, Reset, Menu button, and User button. The protocol i implemented is the NEC standard, which is the most commonly available and it is used in most cheap Chinese remotes, led strips remotes, universal remotes, etc. And i also added a learning function so you can use your own remotes or integrate it in your home automation system using, for example, the Logitech Harmony range of products even in combination with Amazon’s Echo (Alexa). And this feature is for everyone, supporters of the first batch get it, and everyone gets it!. Expect an update to the manuals section with more info about how it works and the learning procedure. An optional Remote controller kit will be available for the second batch, and that brings me to the next paragraph…

Production status report!. Everything is going on schedule, a bit late for transport issues and delays becuause of the situation, but all important stuff is here and the objective of having everything sent during December still holds up. Production is starting right now, and shipments start the next week, i will be updating about this on Twitter and/or here, also, as soon as i have production going at a good rate, it will be time to open the pre-order for the second wave of Ironclads, so all the parts will be coming and we can continue producing them after we finish with the first non-stop.

Stay tuned in the coming days, if you want to purchase your Ironclad and were late for the first wave, your oportunity is closer than you expect!


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