Well, if you are here something went wrong with your order, and the only option is to return a product for repair or replacement. Please follow this instructions carefully, as doing it will ensure the process will be cheaper and as fast as possible.

If the returning item is the Ironclad Plus, please, send only the main board and keep any accessory and bridges. This will make the package lighter and cheaper to ship.

When shipping the item, please, ALWAYS declare the package with a low value at customs form if required, $20 is fine, and mark the contents as “Gift” or “Returning goods for repair”.

Send the package signed and tracked, preferably using your national posts company if you are from outside the European Union, as using express private companies is much more expensive, usually require extra paperwork, and there might be additional charges for customs processing.

Destination address:

Roberto Merino Coderque
Dr. Medina Olmos 1, Bajo
18015, Granada

As soon as it is received it will be processed/repaired as quick as possible and sent back to you.

Sorry for any inconvenience, you will be enjoying your purchase again in no time.