Hello all, it has been a long time since i wrote here for the last time, but the support and demand for the Ironclad Plus has been so overwhelming that I have spent all the time building and sending this little puppies while answering your kind messages and questions, i hope nobody was left unanswered on social networks, if so, please ask again, on the e-mail preferably, and accept my apologies for missing it.

First batch is about to be be completed, I have right here the last group of boards, and they are already 90% finished, on Friday they will be 100% finished, and this weekend I will have the usual “testing and packing party” X’D They all will be shipped the next week, and with that the first batch will be finally completed!.

Meanwhile… the 2nd batch was completely sold out when i wasn’t looking, i almost fell off my chair!, seriously i don’t know how to thank you enough for all the support and interest in this project, all i can do is saying a big THANKS TO YOU!, and do my best to keep up, and be faster this time around to met the dates, and that’s why from now on an external specialized company will be doing the most time consuming stage of building the Ironclads so I can have more time to do tech support, post news, add pending stuff to the manual, testing, and primarily ship the Ironclads faster… I will also check if my family and friends still remember me. Thanks to this I am pretty confident the 2nd batch will be shipped on date, and it was a BIG batch of kits…

And here it comes, the 3rd batch is NOW on sale!, and there are some changes. 90% of buyers from the 2nd batch added the DB9 to USB3 adapter, 80% added the Remote Control Kit, and some% forgot to add any of those while ordering and asked to add it later manually XD. They are cheap nice to haves, so for the 3rd batch both add-ons are now bundled with all the Ironclads at a LOWER price than before as optional add-ons. I think that’s great for you, much simpler, it will also help me keep a better inventory management, and, as a side effect, the product page will look a little less like an on-line car ordering form with that many options everywhere ;p Please keep in mind that shortages and prices rising are still an issue, I am doing everything i can to keep them as they are, but they might change at any moment.

The 3rd batch is aimed to be shipped in April-May, but if things go faster thanks to the partial production outsourcing they will ship as soon as possible.

That’s all for now, please enjoy your MiSTers and thanks to you for everything, I yell with joy every time i see you post pictures of your Ironclad’s builds on Twitter or other social networks, you are awesome and you changed my life!


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