MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus (Batch 7)


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This kit Includes:

  • The Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus main board
  • All interconnects needed to integrate your DE10-Nano with stand-offs
  • I/O Backplate
  • USB 3.0 shaped User port for external MT32-Pi and other legacy accessories (now integrated on board)
  • Remote control Kit with receiver, cable, and remote control (battery not included)

See all specifications and full product information HERE

Optional Add-ons quick information:

  • 128MB SDRAM Module: Needed to to play the “big” good old games
  • Massive Heatsink: Custom heatsink to keep your FPGA massively cool (35x35x15mm size). Ideal for silent operation, or even completely passive cooling!
  • The Hi-Fi BLASTER: Internal plug and play audio enhancement module with fantastic amplified headphones output, all information HERE. The Ironclad Plus has headphones audio output jack on board, so you do not need an ITX case with front jack to enjoy the Hi-Fi Blaster.
  • Mt32-Pi INTERNAL Hat: Mount your Mt32-Pi inside your Mini-ITX case, fully integrated, no more plugging and unplugging stuff, more information HERE.
  • DB9 Extension cable (0.5m): Needed to connect the SNAC splitters, it is a standard DB9 extension cable (not null-modem).
  • SNAC Splitters: Get the most out of the DB9 SNAC8 User Port, the TRUE zero lag experience using your original retro controllers/lightguns/you-name-it. Each splitter supports 2 players. The Neo-Geo Splitter is compatible with JAMMA/Arcade, and supports 2 simultaneous players with 6 action buttons plus start+coin. This splitters require hardware SNAC8 support, only available on boards with the DB9 connector user port, as the Ironclad has.
  • RGB to Composite/S-Video converter: It plugs to the video multi-out (VGA out) and converts the RGB signal to composite and S-video. PAL and NTSC standard is selectable with a switch. Very useful for cores that still do not support the official Composite/S-Video output signal. MORE INFO
  • Octopod USB + DB9 SNAC8 with case: This is an exclusive variation of the Octopod USB, you can see the full description of the base model HERE, It has the standard USB connector for PC, MiSTer, R-pi, etc, with added DB9 port and cable to enjoy the zero lag experience in your MiSTer through the DB9 SNAC8 port. It replaces all DB9 splitters (MD, NES, SNES, and Neo-Geo) and have the same capabilities in a single device. It includes the USB and the DB9 cable. Both USB and DB9 connections cannot be used at the same time.

The DE10-Nano FPGA board, case/psu, controllers, etc, are in pictures only for referencie and are sold separately by their respective manufacturers.

This is a pre-order for the batch 7, it is estimated to ship along June and July in order of purchase. Keep an eye at the front page section dedicated to production status and shipping progress.

If you have problems with the payment process or credit card verification fails, make sure you introduce the billing details exactly as they are registered with your credit card holder, if that doesn’t solve it please contact me for alternative payment methods.

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