Audio enhancement module for the Ironclad Plus

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The Hi-Fi BLASTER add-on for the Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus is an audio expansion module which greatly enhances your MiSTer FPGA analog audio output and adds amplified and powerful headphones output. It is exclusive for the Ironclad Plus.


  • Completely plug and play
  • Replaces the DAC on the DE10-Nano with a better one.
  • The new rich, improved, and stronger sound populates to all analog audio outputs at once.
  • Greatly reduces “pops” and crackling sounds when loading/switching cores or games.
  • Enables the HDAUDIO header on the Ironclad to provide true amplified headphones output!
  • Solid capacitors designed with audio quality in mind above anything else, fine tuned to avoid clipping and distortion often present in “cheap Aliexpress DAC boards”.
  • Matches the Ironclad deep blue PCB design.

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