Hi!, everything is sorted out and here are the prices for everything you will be able to pre-order on launch day, including Antonio Villena’s most stable ever SDRAM module, splitters, and his amazing Decapod to enjoy the full original retro experience on your MiSTer, once you try a “SNAC”, there is no coming back 😉

  • MiSTer Mini-ITX Ironclad Plus KIT 149,99€

Optional Add-Ons:

  • 128MB SDRAM module 39,99€
  • DB9 to USB3.0 shaped User Port adapter 5,00€
  • DB9 Extension cable (0,5m) 9,99€
  • SNAC Splitter SNES 10,99€
  • SNAC Splitter MD/Genesis 12,99€
  • SNAC Splitter Neo-Geo/DB15 12,99€
  • SNAC Splitter NES 10,99€
  • SNAC Splitter PCE/TGFX 12,99€
  • RGB to Composite/S-Video converter 35,00€
  • Decapod with case (replaces all SNAC splitters) 79,99€

All prices are final, the DE10-Nano is not included and cannot be purchased from me… yet, prices of accessories are ONLY valid when bundled with the Mini-ITX Ironclad as a promotion, shipping is not included. All SNAC splitters support 2 simultaneous players. The DB9 extension cable is mandatory for use any of the SNAC splitters as the port at the back of the Ironclad is not designed to support the weight and forces of the splitters plus controllers plugged directly to it, so they would disconnect easily, look awful, and/or put the connector in risk to be bent. Any standard DB9 extension cable works as long as it is NOT marked as “null modem” or has “crossed signal pins”, the Decapod already includes the cable.

The DB9 to USB3.0 User Port adapter does not need the DB9 extension, and it transforms the DB9 User port at the back of the Ironclad into the old standard USB 3.0 shaped User Port to connect your MT32-pi directly if you already have one and don’t want to build/purchase a new cable for it. I will also publish the diagram to build the MT32-Pi to DB9 cable/adapter yourself if you want to do it.

All info about Antonio Villena’s S-video converter, SDRAM module, and the Decapod is available on his web site

Prices are subject to be changed in the future without previous notice.

Have a nice day everyone!

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