Mt32-pi Internal Hat


For the Ironclad Plus WITH “Pi-CONN” header

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This kit is ONLY for owners of the Ironclad Plus from Batch 4 and newer, which has the dedicated on-board header labeled “Pi-CONN” (to the left of the fan headers and i2c/spi holes, over where the RTC bridge plugs in), look for it before placing your order, thanks.

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This kit allows to internally install a Raspberry-Pi Zero 2w to work as an mt32-Pi. It connects on top of your DE10-Nano to the second user i/o port, which frees the use of the primary port for SNAC devices or other peripherals at the same time, and is powered by the Ironclad Plus with the supplied cable. Everything remains internal and nice, no more connecting and disconnecting stuff to switch between SNAC controllers, guns, etc, and the mt32-pi. The definitive solution to have everything in your MiSTer build!

Read full description and instructions HERE.

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